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Jul 30, 2020
Product name: Rosemary extract
Product Description:
It is extracted and processed from rosemary leaves by CO2 supercritical fluid extraction technology
Active Ingredients:
Antioxidant ingredients of rosemary extract include carnosic acid, carnosol, rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid.
Carnosic acid 5% -95%MW: 332.43 | MF: C20H28O4 CAS NO: 3650-09-7
Rosmarinic Acid 4% -90% MW: 360.31| MF: C18H16O8 CAS NO: 20283-92-5
Carnosol8% -20% MW: 330.42 | MF: C20H26O4 CAS NO: 5957-80-2
Ursolic Acid 25% -90% MW: 456.68 | MF: C30H48O3 CAS NO: 77-52-1
Efficacy Application:
It is a natural food antioxidant, with the antioxidant effect much higher than VC, VE, tea polyphenols, BHA and BHT. Besides, it can withstand high temperature up to 240鈩? stabilize oil, inhibit decay andcarotenoid pigment fade, prevent poultry and fish products which have been boiled for too long or been smashed from producing cooked taste, and also can improve the flavor of the sauces which with a low PH value. With light color andtaste, it will not change the original color and flavor of the food.
Anti-corrosion, Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory
The high antibacterial property of rosemary extract has a strong inhibitory effect on escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae.
Eliminate body free radicals to delay senescence
Rosemary extract can suppress the oxidation of skin epidermal lipids, and rosemary extract in anti-aging preparations is helpful to maintain skin texture and state.
Moisturize, remove freckles and scar, repair the skin, and increase skin elasticity and luster
Carnosic acid can make hyaluronic acid exist in the epidermis for a long time and is an excellent additive in cosmetics.Plant Extract manufacturers
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